Fixed Income Security Management System

Finnovation Fixed Income Security Management System is a comprehensive software solution
designed to facilitate end-to-end business operations of Primary Dealers. The combination of
robust technical framework and inbuilt industry best practices provides the best tailored
solution available for Sri Lankan Primary Dealing business.

The solution addresses end-to-end stakeholder management functionality
covering the aspects of;

  • End-to-end Automation of daily workflows
  • Seamless integration with SWIFT platform for settlements
  • Monitoring and reporting facilities to fulfill regulatory requirements
  • Auto generation of FIS accounting entries
  • System generated correspondences on transactions and other customer interactions


  • Web Based application with no user terminal installations
  • User friendly interfaces
  • Flexible design enabling easy incorporation new functions/features
  • Support various Integration platforms


  • System Customization
  • System Implementation
  • Data Migration
  • Live Run support